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I am Himanshu shekhaR aka HR ! Explorer, story teller, blogger and lover of this land. I love helping others to explore India, the Real India and let them know the genuine stories which fascinates as well as make you a new self. India is much more than landing in Delhi and Taj Mahal. India is in it's villages, unknown trails and monuments, people, stories and untouched landscapes.  Come explore India with HR !

What is India with HR ?

Every week I meet several international travelers from around the globe and we both share our stories ! It is always a session of fascinating experiences over a cup of coffee. But most of the time people use to miss the lesser known but more beautiful India because either they were not aware of it or due to safety reasons, and it use to hurt me that they are gonna miss it.

So, I started escorting them. Initially it started with New Delhi, than nearby places and cities and than almost every corner of India. Now I travel along with few travelers every year to some of my favorite trails, routes and states. For obvious reasons I can't travel with the number of requests I receive, but still I try my level best to at least suggest them the best to do in India. Because guide books don't know everything! 

India with HR

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Some trails are famous, some are unknown ! Some may be your ideas, few may be mine. But this journey is going to be fun and fine. Let's get in touch and plan further. Although due to my tight schedule of managing a travel company, traveling for blog and few other hobbies, I am not always available. But would love to travel along if we are on same page.

Fill the form along and let's take it forward 🙂

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