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Best Movies from India by HR The Traveler

Being a movie buff and story-teller of India to thousands of travelers, it was my moral responsibility to write something about Indian movies and sort out some of the movies, which I like. In last one year, I promised at least 100 friends that I will send them a link of nice Indian movies. So, finally this beautiful Sunday of June 18th, I am doing it.

History of Indian Cinema is really old, somewhere started in early 1900. There is an art cum commercial movie Rang Rasiya, which presents the transition phase and a nice story of a famous Indian painter and how he supported the first movie man of India. Although as a country India produce more than 1500 movies a year. Most of the movies have official links to watch, some are legally on YouTube, you can also find them on Bigflix | Prime Videos | Zee |The history can go long, so let us come to list of favorite movies:

Travel Movies:

    • Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi
      Story of a lover and his ride from South of India to North East of India to find his lover and on the way how he finds himself.

    • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
      3 friends and their journey to Spain. A journey to have time for themselves and learn for life.

    • Queen 
      A girl from typical Indian middle class family with all the values in the world set out for her solo honeymoon trip. Watch out how she learns more about herself.

  • Chalo Dilli
    2 strangers from two different spheres of life. They are bound to travel together crossing different states and mission is to reach Delhi.
  • North 24
    Story of a really simple man and his transformation through traveling.

Entertaining but Truth:

    • 3 Idiots
      When you don't follow the common path of the world and shape you own destiny. When you know that success will follow if you go for excellence. Story of college students, their friendship and their search for real meaning of success.

    • Munna Bhai MBBS
      Story around the private medial hospitals and their fake practices and how a boy from a ordinary and simple gangster background challenge it !
    • Taare Zameen Par
      Every kid is special and this is the message of this beautiful movie. We need special support and nourish the talent of kids.
    • Rang De Basanti
      If you want to change the system be the part of it. lead the change and make it happen. Story of college friends who fight for the Justice and story run parallel to story of a freedom fighter of Indian Independence Movement. 
    • Oh My God
      Not all Godman are real, not all rituals are true. We need to question the faith and practices which we are following on the name of God. Can anyone sue God in an Indian court. He can, and still God comes to support him.

Some Really Good Love Stories:

    • Guide
      A man and he is a guide not just for tourist but for his lady love and for the public in general. A man who teaches everyone that faith can do anything.
    • Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge One of the most celebrated love story of Indian cinema. World record for longest running cinema ever, more than 20 years. So, you have to watch it to witness the magic of love and Indian spices 😉

    • Devdas
      An age old novel turned into movie and you can experience the Indian classical era of living, loving and giving. Really famous story and amazing actors to make it a true one.
    • Veer Zaara
      Can you live without you love for whole life just waiting for the other one. Can love happen across the border. Story of two lovers from India and Pakistan and how they just waited whole life for each other.
    • Barfi
      Love needs no language, no words, it is eternal. Love is trust and love is being one with other. Really beautiful movie of love and friendship.

Slap on the face of Society:

    • Parched
      When women challenge the male dominated society and when they break the status quo, Parched happens ! Don't miss this recent movie which dominated almost all international Film Festivals.

    • A Wednesday
      Just imagine, when even Hollywood remakes an Indian movie. Yes, story of the common man and how he wakes up one certain day to punish the culprits of peace of his city and people. A Wednesday.
    • Water
      The subject is so hard that right wing fundamentalists even didn't allowed the shooting in India. The story revolves around child marriage and situation of widows before 1950s in India.
    • Hey Ram
      How India faced partition, how brothers started hating each other and how blood was flowing on this land in the year 1947. If you wanna have a close look to the India timeline do watch this hard core truth.
    • Masaan
      Shot in Varanasi, the oldest surviving city on the planet. A city where life and death meet each other, a city of faith and culture. 2 different stories and how they connect at the end with each other. A hard core slap !

Best Art Movies:

You have to watch all these stories, they are hand crafted for art lovers and those who like to appreciate the good work. While writing this blog I started watching Dasvidaniya, and I was crying by the end. Gangs of Waseypur is the picture of real eastern India and how to rule their. These movies will take you a journey to understand stories and India cinema better.


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