A list of book loved and read by me. Every month, i buy a new book and find a new point of view for life. They inspire me to do the next good, they take me near to the real life stories and they are treasure of my life. Since my first book in 2006 "How to Win Friends & Influence People" the journey is going on. I love spiritual books, autobiographies, History and exploring what i like more. I hope, you will love the books, loved by a traveler.  


Dilip Kumar - The Substance & The Shadows

January 2016 (Get One Now)

I need several words to describe the book, which i think i will be only able to do after reading it. Although, about Dilip Kumar, i need not to describe anything. One of finest actors with amazing movies and more amazing real life story. I have read almost 100 pages and the story is making me travel to 1940s. Feeling like a real traveler, moreover a time traveler. Do read if you love art, cinema, 70 mm screen and life defining stories.