A Poet, Photographer, Entrepreneur and Traveler. Founder & Traveler at GyanYatra.Com. A multi-local Indian, who hails from Jaisalmer, Chandigarh, Bikaner, Patna, Moradabad, Kashipur, Mysore and New Delhi :)

Jaipur: What is pink city for me?

Jaipur: What is pink city for me? by HR The Traveler

I don’t remember when I heard the city’s name for the first time. Searching in the lanes of memories, it goes way back. My first trip to the city was as 1-year-old kid, with my parents on the way to Jaisalmer from a small village in Bihar. Obviously, I don’t…

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Some of the Best Indian Movies

Best Movies from India by HR The Traveler

Being a movie buff and story-teller of India to thousands of travelers, it was my moral responsibility to write something about Indian movies and sort out some of the movies, which I like. In last one year, I promised at least 100 friends that I will send them a link…

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One Day In Delhi – Things to do

Delhi – Things To Do Best Things in Life Comes for Free As I always say that it is impossible to explore Delhi in few days, you need at least 8-10 days if you want to explore and understand the city. There are more than 1300 monuments in the city…

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Abhaneri – The Most Beautiful Stepwell in India

Abhaneri The Most Beautiful Step-well in India Beautiful and breath taking moment ! Words are always less to describe this amazing step-well in small town known as, Abhaneri. Thousands of stairs based on some mathematical calculations, ready to hypnotize you with its charm. Situated on Agra Jaipur highway, 95 km…

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We Are Lake Killers of Kashipur

We Are Lake Killers of Kashipur There is a city in the foothills of Kumaon, Uttarakhand. Its name is Kashipur, and I am a part-time resident of this town since 2010. A beautiful and peaceful town partially submerged in the sea of development and now a day honking a lot, teens…

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Travelling to India: Essential Information

Travelling to India: Essential Information If you are travelling to India or planning to travel India for the first time, it is essential to plan and prepare few things first. As we all know that India is a place where imperfection is a form of perfection, chaos is cool and you…

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