3300 KM – 32 Days – 8 States – 1 Calling

Awakening the Future of India. This is our journey, the journey of three friends - a cyclist, a poet and a storyteller. Destiny brought us together and we became friends but it seemed like this friendship was short-lived. However, it is time to do something that mattered – to do something epic and embark upon something that we had never done before. The plan is to travel over a month, over eight states of India, halting at a new destination every night. While the poet and the cyclist have decided to traverse the path on their bicycles, the storyteller would take public buses to move from one place to another.

Of course travel is our ultimate objective; we have found our solace in travel and going to new places. But it is time to realize other dreams – the dreams to change the world. Three of us have our own vision of making the world a better place to live in. But change is easier said than done. To understand change, to realize how to bring about the change we needed to experience different things that could help us broaden our horizon and give us a better perspective. Hence, we decided to meet people in person, to talk to them and watch their eyes, their expressions, their emotions that can never be articulated. This is the only way we thought we could understand if there were others who believed in us and in our dreams. This is the only way we thought we could bring about real change by meeting real people rather than just typing away on our laptops.

Like Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. It has been too long that we have been silent – that day has ended. The only things that matter now are our dreams.

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Here Is The Plan




01st Feb

Mysore – Shravanabelagola


02nd Feb

Shravanabelagola – Chickmagaluru


03rd Feb

Chickmagaluru – Agumbe


04th Feb



05th Feb

Agumbe – Jog Falls


06th Feb

Jog Falls – Gokarna


07th Feb



08th Feb

Gokarna – Panjim


09th Feb



10th Feb

Panjim – Malvan


11th Feb

Malvan – Ratnagiri


12th Feb

Ratnagiri – Dapoli


13th Feb

Dapoli – Kolad


14th Feb

Kolad – Mumbai


15th Feb



16th Feb

Mumbai – Nashik


17th Feb

Nashik – Dhule


18th Feb

Dhule – Julwania


19th Feb

Julwania – Indore


20th Feb

Indore – Bhopal


21st Feb



22nd Feb

Bhopal – Sagar


23rd Feb

Sagar – Chhatarpur


24th Feb



25th Feb

Chhatarpur – Orachha


26th Feb

Orachha – Gwalior


27th Feb

Gwalior – Bharatpur


28th Feb

Bharatpur – New Delhi


29th Feb

New Delhi


01st Mar

New Delhi – Moradabad


02nd Mar

Moradabad – Kashipur


What are the dreams?

There is not just one dream – we have many.

We all have at some time or the other wished for a more pragmatic and better education system in the country. And since we have realized that travel is a teacher, we want to combine the two.


Kamal, the cyclist is a fitness enthusiast and has already cycled for 23 days across Tamil Nadu covering 3200 kms. His dream is to tour the world on his cycle covering over 29000 kms. Not just that, he dreams to see a healthier India and make people realize the forgotten benefits of millet. But his ultimate dream is to write and direct a movie someday.


Sangeeta, the storyteller, believes in an inclusive society and wants to see disabled people being integrated and be a part of mainstream society. Not just that, as a storyteller she wants to meet stories along the way. She wants to document stories of success and failure, stories of people and things, of cities and villages, of history and mythology, of inspirations and almost everything that they find on their sojourn.

HimanshuI am a poet, who loves to play flute and violin, sometimes a freelancer photographer and loves to travel for learning. Founder of Gyan Yatra. Planning to meet hundreds of students along the way, and to talk what problem they want to solve for the humanity and how travel can make them more aware. After 4 years of Finance and corporate law background, i started traveling. I am Himanshu shekhaR aka HR.

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  1. Dear Kamal, it is a good idea to do a preparatory trip prior to your world tour and it is a good test to your abilities and perhaps what to expect. The itinerary looks good with breaks; something i had suggested when i saw your world tour schedule.

    Wish the three of you the very best. Im glad you have a photographer and a story teller along which makes it a great combination.

    Above all be safe and follow what i said….cut off much before sundown.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Thank you for your valuable time & suggestions. As we are starting the tour on 01st Feb, we will need more of your help and guidance.
      Kamal & HR

  2. I personally know the storyteller. she is a struggler, strong headed person,and a lovely friend to be, she is now chasing her dreams. May all ur dreams come true sang!.

    best wishes to the 3 of you!

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