Hello, i am Himanshu shekhaR aka HR and i got this nick name in my college by friends. I love to play Flute and Villon, convert words in poems, mostly Hindi and travel as much as possible. I was in love with stage till my school days and want to return as soon as possible. Right now traveling and helping others travel. It is really fascinating when we turn back and see how we utilized days, months and years of our life. Sum total of all the efforts becomes our introduction. So here is mine: 

About Me - HR The Traveler

2011-2015 : Being a Traveler

In 2011, i started my first company "Saresth Creative Media (P) Ltd.", with a vision to create trusted brands for small cities. Planned to use various technologies to help organization based in limited area, to advertise and get trust among customers. Accidentally, I cleared my Chartered Accountancy inter exams, due to which I was more busy in Accountancy and Audit work, but still use to take time out for traveling. Explored most parts of India and by the end of 2014, got hit by an Idea of travel company to help anyone who wants to learn from traveling "Gyan Yatra". Now being one of the founders of Gyan Yatra, i am responsible for making this world a classroom, for as many people as i can. 

2008-2011 : Being a Delhiite

With a strong dedication to get admission in University of Delhi, finally i was in Delhi College of Arts & Commerce after one month of study and friendships in Zakhir Hussian College. I think this was the was place where travel bug tasted by blood. Designing travel programs for friends and mutual friends, traveling along and exploring the unknown is what we use to do. From the lanes of Satyaniketan to Chandani Chowk and South Campus to North Campus, from one college festival to other. I explored, i learned and i evolved to being what I could have hardly imagined in some small city.

About Me - HR The Traveler

About Me - HR The Traveler

1996-2008 : Being a KV Product

This picture goes around somewhere in 1999 from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 Bikaner, Rajasthan. So i completed my schools days from several schools i.e. Air Force School, Chandigarh; Kendriya Vidyalaya 31-D, Chandigarh; Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bikaner; Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhita and Kendriya Vidyalaya Moradabad. The advantage i got from studying at different location is, to accept that change is part of life. Participated in uncountable number of events, stage lover, scout, house captain and much more. I can perfectly say Kendriya Vidyalaya shaped me the way i am. By the way i am the small boy in this picture standing in right corner.  

1990-Till Date : Being a Son

Vidyapati Nagar, Bihar is my birth place and Harsingpur, Bihar is my native village; both in same district Samastipur. Born to a simple village family with decent background. My Dad was in India Air Force and Mom a homemaker, both well educated and full of moral values. I still remember the small house in our village were i spent my first few years, before leaving for Jaisalmer, Rajasthan with Dad. Thanks to my younger sister for being more as a friend. My parents still supports me for all my adventures, travel and startups, but yes i also get scolded like any other son for being wrong and sometimes for being right.

About Me - HR The Traveler

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