Himanshu aka HR The Traveler

Serial Entrepreneur, Traveler, Poet, Spiritual, and Storyteller. Started my first company at the age of 20 in digital marketing & advertisement. Realized that typical finance jobs are not for me and I find my vibe in open spaces, next to nature, meeting new people, collecting stories, and sharing them with the world. Cycled across India in 2016 around 3,300 km to collect more stories of India over a magical journey. Now, heading Delhi By Cycle & Gyan Yatra; two amazing travel brands in India creating experiences of a lifetime. Co-founded Shoshin Tribe & Sustainable Travel Network, helping international travel brands to craft world-class itineraries in India, and sometimes being a host on international TVs to show more of this magical land, India. More stories below!

The Journey

It was 2014, the end of my Chartered Accountant Internship and I was aware of what I don't want to do in my life, although I was not aware that what I want to do. I think that was enough to find a path which I never thought of in my life before, being a traveler. After 03 years of office work, I set my foot for a trip to the caves of Ajanta & Ellora, and that one train journey helped me explore myself more than anything else. I realized that how much I like living in a motion, then repetitive desk jobs. This new journey of life made me live in Mysore for almost a year, cycled across India from Mysore to Jim Corbett, join Delhi By Cycle, take it over, start Gyan Yatra, co-found Shoshin Tribe, meet hundreds of travelers from across the world, share stories of India and live a life of my dreams until pandemic hit us. This unexpected situation made me learn about how to sustain and survive a big hit straight on the face, keep the brands afloat, and keep the faith alive.